Hi guys!

I cannot believe we have reached April already, although March seemed to last absolutely ages!

Last month (and I’m sure this one will follow) involved a lot of staying at home, so I had to find ways to spend my time not spent doing university work. This period has involved me having plenty of time to try out some new things, so I thought it perfect for my first ever monthly favourites post!

Here are some of the things I loved throughout the month of March, I hope you enjoy!


You (Netflix):

Having jumped on the You bandwagon relatively late, I first watched the series in February and completed it within a matter of days. I am currently rewatching it with my Mum and she is just as hooked as I was!

To summarise, the series covers a man named Joe Goldberg who develops an obsession with a woman who comes into his work one day. The next two seasons are filled with love, mystery, murder and suspicion. A great watch if you are into the likes of Dexter, The Sinner, or even just the whole vibe of Netflix’ crime/thriller/mystery TV shows. I LOVED THIS!!!

Sex Education (Netflix):

This series was all I saw talked about on Twitter for weeks, so I finally gave it a go and there were absolutely no regrets. The story covers a high school boy named Otis whose mother is a sex-therapist. He has an awkward relationship with sex while seemingly knowing everything there is to know. As a result, him and a new friend decide to set up a money-making business within the school in order to advise fellow students on their problems in the bedroom.

District 9 (Netflix):

I watched this a few weeks back before the country was in the state it is now. With the world in crisis, this dystopian film is a harrowing watch for an evening spent doing nothing. Aliens arrive from their home planet seeking refuge; the government catch on to this and want to perform experiments on them and it’s all about their fight for survival. Covering the exploitation of these aliens and how they are treated by humans, there is certainly a level of hidden meaning to this film. If you have seen it/watch this film after reading this, let me know what you think!

All of these can be accessed on:


I know I wrote ‘games’ but anyone who knows me will be fully aware I am referring to the one and only …

Animal Crossing New Horizons!!!!


I spent much of the beginning of the month playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my DS from many moons ago (seemingly). However March 20th saw the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, I was lucky enough that it came out the week after my birthday so asked for it for a late birthday present, and I won’t lie to you…

I have NOT been able to put it down!

While I have seen mixed reviews online about changes made in the new game; I am obsessed. From the graphics, to the customisable features available in the game I am significantly impressed with how far the creators have come from previous editions of the game. I look forward everyday to waking up, checking in with all my villagers and visiting the mystery islands now accessible using the new feature ‘NookMiles’.

The other thing with this game is how the friend feature is so much more accessible than on previous consoles and the communities across social media are (mostly) kind and helpful.

This is definitely one to add to the Wishlist.


Rose Lemonade Scented Yankee Candle:

I got this candle as a birthday present from my Mum.


I have developed an affinity with candles over the last few years (I guess that’s the ultimate beginning of adulthood huh?!); so opening this made my day. It is rose scented with a tinge of sweetness to it, as you would expect from its name. The perfect scent to burn while getting on with my uni work on a breezy spring day.


So that was my short but sweet March favourites! What were some of your favourites from last month? Let me know down below!

As always I hope you are all keeping safe and well,

Lots of love,

Emily x

My Trip to France: April 2019


It’s been a while since my last post and I haven’t managed to post as much as I would have liked throughout my year of University. I finished my first year in May and have been making the most of my time off for the moment; however I should be updating this blog far more over the next few months!

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This afternoon I went out and did my favourite type of shopping, stationery shopping! I went to B&M and The Range to pick up some bits ready for when I start university in a few weeks time. I ended up going a bit overboard but there was so much nice stuff, I just couldn’t resist! I thought I’d do a haul so I can show you what I got.

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