LIFE UPDATE: February 2021

Hiya guys,

I always seem to start these posts off with something along the lines of “it’s been a while”, and there’s no denying that this is the case once again. But today I’m here with a quick life update, just to talk a bit about the third year of my degree, my new ventures, and my plans after I graduate. 

2021 has been a solid year for me so far. While I have experienced rough patches with my mental health (as I’m sure many will have experienced in lockdown), I have begun working hard to try and ensure the bad days are not so bad. Easier said than done, but I have certainly gotten into a better pattern and it has meant I have started feeling more motivated. I feel positive and excited about the months to come. Spring is fast approaching, I’m within touching distance of finishing my degree, and I’ve begun to take on some old hobbies and interests.

I am also in my third year of my Criminology degree. Where has that time gone?! I set this blog up as something to update alongside uni, and, while I haven’t blogged as much as I had hoped to. it’s been so nice to drop in for the odd update. I’m two modules into my third year, with two to go along with my dissertation. The course has been everything I had expected, and more. I do feel like I’m coming out of it with more questions than answers, but this is something I may talk about in more depth once I’ve graduated!

As my last post highlighted, I have a particular interest in music and discovering new genres and artists. I ran my own music blog for a time, but these last few months I have been writing reviews on other music blogs. Writing for Talk Tonight & Music Is To Blame has started to once again make me excited about new music; lockdown has meant I have more time to dive into up & coming bands, and discover new music in different ways. If you follow my socials I’m sure you’ll have seen that I am set to give podcast hosting a try over at Talk Tonight, a project I’m super excited about!

This week has also seen me thinking heavily about what I want to do after I graduate. I am hoping to stay up north and work, the music scene up here is much stronger than back in Devon, and is one of the reasons I chose to come here for uni. We’ll see what happens with lockdown; but hopefully soon enough gigs will be back on and pubs are open.

That’s all I have to update you on really, I could go on for ages but this post would be so long! But, how about you? How is your 2021 going? I hope you are keeping safe and well during these strange times!

Lots of love,

Emily x


Hi guys,

I haven’t updated for a while. I’ve been settling back down into uni and getting to grips with my third year of my degree. However, I thought that today I would sit down and talk about some of the tunes I’ve been loving this month.

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Hi guys!

I cannot believe we have reached April already, although March seemed to last absolutely ages!

Last month (and I’m sure this one will follow) involved a lot of staying at home, so I had to find ways to spend my time not spent doing university work. This period has involved me having plenty of time to try out some new things, so I thought it perfect for my first ever monthly favourites post!

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My Trip to France: April 2019


It’s been a while since my last post and I haven’t managed to post as much as I would have liked throughout my year of University. I finished my first year in May and have been making the most of my time off for the moment; however I should be updating this blog far more over the next few months!

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University: Life update November 2018

Hi guys,

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on what’s been going on in my life in the last 3 or so months.

As many of you will know I moved to university in mid September to start a new journey studying Criminology. I’ve been super busy getting settled in, going out, and getting on with work for my course. However, I have a few days free, and thought I’d finally get on here to update you all. Continue reading